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Phil Hargis Bio

Hi, I’m Phil Hargis.  I started running back in 2006 to lose some weight.  Through running I was able to lose 100 lbs and run my first ever marathon here in DC that same year in 4:17.  Since then, I have been able to keep running and love doing it.

I have totally fallen in love with the sport of running and am exciting to start this tv show to help YOU the every day runner…just like me.

Marathons:  Marine Corps (2), New York City, Walt Disney World, and Baltimore
Half Marathons:  National Half (2), VA Beach Rock and Roll Half, Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (2), and MCM Historic Half Marathon
Ten Milers:  Army 10 (2) and Cherry Blossom 10 (2)

Check back later to see what my personal bests are!!
Personal Bests:
Ten Miler:

Hello Washington DC

We are Chris Farley and Phil Hargis, hosts and producers of the new TV show “Gotta Get Running”.  We are exciting to bring  you an exciting TV show that caters to the recreational runner in all of us.  We started producing our shows in June 2010 and will provide you as many quality episodes as we can and you here on our website will be the first to know about them and see them.
Show #1:  Summertime Races in the DC Area | Summer Running Tips
Show #2:  Back on My Feet Interview featuring Wylie Belasik
Show #3:  Brian Sell – 2008 Olympic Marathon Team in Beijing Part 1 of 2
Show #4:  Brian Sell – 2008 Olympic Marathon Team in Beijing Part 2 of 2
Show #5:  Steve Nearman – Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Race Organizer
Show #6:
Show #7: